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William M. Ozburn ’57 retired from the University of Georgia in 2001 after 32 years as the director of postgraduate continuing education and outreach. Prior to moving to Georgia he spent 10 years at Michigan State University’s Kellog Center for Continuing Education. William completed his doctorate in adult education from UGA in 1978. He lives with his wife, Janet, in Watkinsville, Ga. E‑mail:
Donald R. Warner ’58 reports that ILBE motivated him as an undergraduate because he finally made grades! He lives in Huntington Beach, Calif., with his wife, Janet. E-mail:
Norman R. Dupon ’62 reports his son, Matthew, got married last year and their daughter, Caroline, is getting married this year. He lives in Pasadena, Calif. E‑mail:
Douglas A. Drake ’68 retired from his orthopedic surgery practice in September 2014 and will be part‑time at the Minneapolis VA Hospital. He and his wife, Kathy, plan to spend winters in Arizona where they will reside at 1141 E. Dale Lane, Scottsdale, Ariz. He has a home a half mile from his brother, Dale ’73, who along with Daryl ’75 and Daniel ’76 were Beta alumni. He hopes to catch up with Brother Art Stark ’68 who lives in Apache Junction. E‑mail:
Richard C. Hoskins Jr. ’68 worked at Hoskins Chevrolet and spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy. He is a retired CDR (0‑5) USNR after spending four years active duty in 1968‑1972 and 18 years in the Naval Reserve at Glenview Naval Air Station where he was a P‑3 tactical coordinator from 1972‑89. Today he lives in Estero, Fla. E‑mail:
Michael W. Hardin ’72 spent the winter in Ann Arbor. He retired in 2010 from Hardin Paving Co. E‑mail:
William A. Odrobinak ’80 is freelancing in the movie business as a camera operator. He just finished Marvel’s “Antman” releasing summer 2015. He lives in Fayetteville, Ga. E‑mail:
Jeffrey S. Poulter, M.D. ’81 has been in private practice for 22 years in Bloomington, Ill., specializing in plastic surgery. He and his wife, Julie, celebrated their daughter’s wedding in December 2014 and their 30th wedding anniversary in April. He remembers fondly the fireworks, the foundation food, and the enduring friends made at SAE. Jeff lives in Bloomington. E‑mail:

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